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The Need for Vatican II

The Need for Vatican II

Pope John's Announcement of the Council

Vatican II - Urgent & Essential

Discerning the Signs of the Times, Bishop Remi De Roo

Butler on The Council

Bishop Butler's Writings

Preface to Bishop Butler's Writings

The Second Vatican Council, by B.C. Butler

The Church a Mystery, by B.C. Butler

Aggiornamento, by B.C. Butler

Joy in Believing, by B.C. Butler

Approaching a New Era, by B.C. Butler

The Meaning of Renewal, by B.C. Butler

Newman & The Second Vatican Council, by B.C. Butler

About Bishop Butler

Preface to About Bishop Butler

Abbot of Downside, by Dom Daniel Rees

A Short Biography, by Dom Aidan Bellenger

B. C. Butler’s Developing Understanding of Church: An Intellectual Biography, by Sister Anne Flood very large page, opens in new tab

Butler - A Portrait, by Valentine Rice

Butler - A Voice for Change, by Arthur Wells

Bishop Butler - A Personal Memoir, by Sister Anne Flood

Centenary Reflections, by Arthur Wells

Bishop Christopher Butler OSB, by John Hayes

In Memoriam Bishop Butler, Various Authors

Bishop Butler - Apostle of Vatican II, by Arthur Wells

Vatican II Basics

Councils Through History, by Kevin Clarke & Arthur Wells

Vatican II - The Historical Context, by Arthur Wells

Principal Themes of the Council

The Sixteen Documents

Diagram of the Documents

Who Was Who at The Council by Judith Bennett

The Popes of The Council, by Judith Bennett

Council Fathers, by Judith Bennett

Peter and Paul: Confrontation at Antioch, by Arthur Wells

Peter and Paul after Antioch, by Arthur Wells

Antioch and the Church of the Third Millennium, by Arthur Wells

Commentary on the Four Major Constitutions

Revelation & Inspiration (Dei Verbum), commentary by Bishop B.C. Butler

Gaudium et Spes - The Church in the Modern World, commentary by Norman Tanner

On The Church - De Ecclesia, by Bishop B.C. Butler, with commentary by Arthur Wells

Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium) - not available

Vatican II in Depth

International Voices of The Council

Voice from Austria, by Cardinal König Vatican II: the Highlight of My Life

Voice from Belgium by Cardinal Suenens Our Church

Voice from England, by Bishop Butler The Second Vatican Council

Dei Verbum and Biblical Scholarship, by Gerald O'Collins S.J.

Where is The Church? - An Extended Conversation with research by Arthur Wells

On Revelation - Dei Verbum (Butler's Role in Dei Verbum), by Arthur Wells

Bishop Christopher Butler, Mary and the Church, by Aidan Bellenger OSB

Christian Unity

Restoring Unity, by Dennis Rudd

Ecumenism, by Bishop B.C. Butler

Ecumenism vs Conversion, by Bishop B.C. Butler

Anglican Reactions, by Bishop B.C. Butler

Ut Unum Sint: a Resumé, by Father Robert D. Hamilton

Understanding The Gift of Authority, by Bishop John Baycroft

Homily at Canterbury, by Pope John Paul II

Christian Unity, by Cardinal C. Murphy-O'Connor

Signs of Hope, by Cardinal C. Murphy-O'Connor

What Does it Mean to Be Ecumenical? by T. Ryan

Anglican - Roman Catholic Relations Since Vatican II, Sister Cecily Boulding

Reception of Vatican II

Vatican II: Of Happy Memory - and Hope?  by Prof. Nicholas Lash

Commentary on "Of Happy Memory & Hope?", by Arthur Wells

1985 Extraordinary Synod 25 Years On, By Paul Paniccia

John Paul II, By Peter Hebblethwaite

The Continuing Challenge of the Second Vatican Council, by Walter Kasper

Reflections: Change at the Top - Two Anniversaries, by Arthur Wells

Reflections: Collegiality Re-emerges? by Arthur Wells

Reflections: Towards Reform for Mission — Pope Francis as Witness and Evangelist, by Paul Paniccia

Authority and Conscience

Preface to Authority & Conscience

Authority & Conscience, by A. Dulles

Letter to the Duke of Norfolk, from John Henry Newman

The Authority of Love, by B.C. Butler

Love and Law, by B.C. Butler

Authority - The Christian's Response, by B.C. Butler

Magisterium Explained, by Bede Griffiths

Understanding The Gift of Authority, by Bishop John Baycroft

Authority in the Church Today, by Arthur Wells

Problems and Challenges

Preface to Problems and Challenges

My Vision for the Church of the Future, by Cardinal Dr. Franz König

Governance in the Roman Catholic Church, by Arthur Wells

The Light shines in the Darkness, by Franz König

The Pull of God in a Godless Age, by Franz König

How is Pope John's Council Faring? by Arthur Wells

How is Pope John's Council Faring? - the Responses, introduced by A. Wells

How is Pope John's Council Faring? - More Responses, introduced by A. Wells

Reflections at Lent & Eastertide 2010, introduced by A. Wells

Documents and Books

Pope John's Announcement of the Council

Pope John's Convocation of the Council

Pope John's Opening Speech to the Council

Documents of Vatican II (link to Vatican website)

Explanatory Leaflets on Vatican II

Links to Other Sites

Videos about Vatican II

Select Bibliography on Vatican II

Bibliography on Bishop Butler OSB, by Anne T. Flood, SC PhD

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Butler Symposium 2002

Introduction to the 2002 Vatican II Symposium

Opening Address, by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor

Premonitions of Vatican II, by Dom Daniel Rees

Vatican II & the Bible, by Father Robert Murray

The Idea of The Church, by Father Paul McPartlan

Anglican - Roman Catholic Relations Since Vatican II, Sister Cecily Boulding

Council Reminiscences, by Archbishop Denis Hurley

Experiences of a Council Father, by Bishop Remi De Roo

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